Day to Day Adventure: My buggy active boy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My buggy active boy!

J is our youngest. He is the busiest child in our house. He is always running, leaping, climbing, into everything child. We love it but some days it is tiring!

This week had been a good one. We started out with some sniffles and coughs--why this happens the second week of school I don't know. All the kids have learned that even when you don't feel 100% you can do some work. We use Saxon math & in the 2nd grade you make some fun graphs. J needed to ask people what kind of apples they liked best. Those in our house got to try them out for a snack. We used Gala, Granny Smith, & Yellow Delicious. Since there were only 5 of us at home that didn't make a very big graph. In past years, we would call other friends and relative to do our polls but this year we used Facebook to do our poll. My friends came through and voted. It was a ton of fun to see him have to make tally marks to count the ones that were "off the chart."

Another exciting even that occurred early in the week, J found a toad and brought him in to show me. I, of course, wasn't as impressed as he was. J was able to find a temporary home for Mr. Toad. He lived in a box out in the back yard for a day. That evening we released him to hop off in to the sunset. I think J has a real affinity for animals. He is the one who is always toting around a cat or brushing their fur. Early in the spring, there were some baby snakes that were living under a piece of tin that was in our backyard. J(& the other kids) always wanted to check on the snakes. Then with their dad they were allowed to pick up the snakes. J wanted to do this each day until the snakes moved off into the field to hunt bigger prey than crickets. Right now he is just the one who is ready to pick up any bug or animal.

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  1. I know who to call when I've got any critter problems. ;o)


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