Day to Day Adventure: 2/28/10 - 3/7/10

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snow Banks & Bible Quizzing

Life is CRAZY insane right now. February and March are the busiest months for our family. We are gone A LOT. That seems to make getting school work done difficult(can't imagine why) and that puts on the pressure because we sure don't want to be still finishing things up when it turns warm again.

We are really involved in Bible Quizzing and I just have to say that this group of teens is the best. I love being around them(cause they are fun!). They are loving, respectful, hard working and they live out Christ's example in their lives day to day. We do a lot of hard work but there is ton of laughter & teasing.
Last weekend we went to Iowa for a regional competition and this is what we did on the way back. It was one of the best moments I have had all winter. Now granted I was inside the suburban watching(I hate the cold!) but I was laughing hysterically as Michael rolled down this massive snow bank. He got up and couldn't walk straight. So he wobbled back up to the top and did it all over again. Elizabeth fought her way up to the top and slid down on her rump. They were all soaked when they loaded back up but everyone declared it was the best part of the trip. Next time they swore to bring sleds.

What finer thing are you celebrating this week? Share it over at Amy's Finer Things Friday!

New Arrival

We have a large family. Not our immediate family--well four kids can be a lot. But in Steve's family there are 21 cousins for my kids to hang around with. They love it. There is always some one to play with at Grandma's. What I like is that they are really close. My oldest has learned to interact with girls because of his girl cousins. He knows they giggle a lot and that is okay. He is very protective of them and his sisters. The rest of the kids have learned to get along and how to "play" nice by interacting with "the cousins."

Each family is different and at different stages in life. We have different interests and passions but it all works because we are united in our love for each other.

In the picture above my younger daughter, Megan(on the left), is waiting for the baby to move in my sis-in-law's tummy. Megan doesn't really remember when I was carrying Joshua so this was a pretty cool thing for her.

So on Monday when little Rachael Suzanne was born Megan immediately wanted to go visit. We didn't go until Wednesday but she was so excited to get to hold her. I asked her after I got to hold her for a while if she wanted to hold her alone or if she wanted to be on my lap. She replied "On your lap--she is too tiny for me to do alone." She is a tiny little one and so precious. I loved going with my littlest girl to visit her. Megan loves babies and little kids. Tonight she enjoyed being with her second cousin and keeping her entertained while her dad was busy. She just has fun nature about her and the little ones seem to respond to that. On the other hand she has a firm hand and lets them know when they are getting out line. I call her "little momma" sometimes when I hear her talking to others who are younger than her!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Monday

I have discovered a way to help me "do" breakfast! I am baking muffins the night before--right after supper I get them going & they are done before the kids are in bed. Sitting here smelling the blueberry ones I just pulled out of the oven. Side benefit is that Steve gets to have some too--I don't get up to do his b'fast as he leaves by 7 & I am not at my best then(HA!)

This weeks lineup


Pancakes & Eggs, Chimichangas, BBQ Chicken


Muffins & Bacon, Farmer's Casserole, Meatloaf


Yogurt & Fruit, Brown Beans & Cornbread, Confetti Fish


Oatmeal, Sweet & Sour Meatballs, ?(gotta find a recipe here)


Eggs & Muffins, Mexican Bean Salad, Cheesy Broccoli Rice Soup


Oatmeal, Sack Lunch, Out to eat in KC


Oatmeal, Carry in Dinner @ church(gotta figure this out too), Cheese & Crackers

Just what I needed today

Thanks to Yarns of the Heart for posting this--It reminds me of my life and lots of friends who are doing the "mom" thing in their own way & style.

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