Day to Day Adventure: 1/24/10 - 1/31/10

Thursday, January 28, 2010

One step closer . . .

I miss my bathroom. This house has 2 baths, one on the main floor & one downstairs. We have remodeled the basement bath in 2008-09 and since then the upstairs one developed a leak.

Here is what we had to do--Rip it all out. Pretty sure Steve loves this part. That went really fast. It is just when we go to put it all back that we get bogged down. The wiring, plumbing & putting up the drywall were done in October & November. The holidays slowed us down but January meant mudding & taping. Steve has done a great job getting motivated this month.

Finally yesterday we cut the tile & got it all laid out. Then last night we mixed up the "mud" as we affectionately call it & got it stuck to the floor. In all it went well despite some distractions(children!). We planned to start early but Steve had to go to the clinic after b'fast. That was okay because it gave me a chance to start my White Chicken Chili in the crockpot. It tortured me all day to smell it cooking but it was awesome to not have to cook come 5 o'clock when I was wiped out.

This is what it looked like when we finished last night at 10:30. Now on to grout, paint, a vanity, oh and tiling the shower I guess comes first.

Monday, January 25, 2010


There are so many words to describe Joshua.

Determined, noisy, creative, talkative, intelligent, busy, wiggly, loving, & snuggly.

Since I was never a 7 year old boy I confess that sometimes I really don't understand him--however--Steve assures me that he is perfectly normal. Sometime he really reminds me of Calvin--you know the cartoon character. There is really is a lot going on in that little head and I don't have any idea what it is!

Things that amaze me about Joshua. He is a bottomless pit. You would think it was the teenage boy in my house who can't get enough to eat. NOPE it is the 7 year old. I am afraid of what the teenage years will be like. He asks me what is for supper before breakfast is over. I feed him double snacks and he's still hungry before everyone else!

Joshua also loves to be on the computer. He has learned to play Age of Empires which is his brother's game & I think he got it when he was over 10. Joshua does great on it. It is astounding what he has learned from it. While studying the Middle Ages in history we read about notable people from that time period(ie King Richard, Robin Hood, Attila the Hun, etc) and he will pipe up with "Oh I learned about him in Age of Empires." Then he will proceed to tell me all about that person. It is great our computer games are so "educational." :)

Joshua is the people person in our family. He would rather hang out with people than eat & that is saying something. He is the slowest eater at the dinner table for just that reason. He loves to play games. Some of his favorites are UNO, Blink, Galactic Heros, Pictionary, & many others. I am lucky to have Joshua around--I never go without hugs. He gives them to me constantly!

I know he is an animal lover too. He takes care of feeding our cats. I know that Popcorn, our 3 legged cat, enjoys hims like when he traps him under the laundry baskets or when he "helps" him and our dog get together.

He is my youngest. He drives me crazy & keeps me on my toes. He is ALL boy and he is just like Steve. Must be why I love him!

Menu Monday

The menu isn't complete yet--there are holes that I haven't decided about yet. Some weeks are like that I guess. Wiggle room--a place for left overs & creativity. :)

Mon Waffles, Broccoli & Rice, Beef Tostadas

Tues Oatmeal, Frittata, White Bean Chili

Wed Bacon/Eggs/Muffins, Spaghetti, Confetti Fish

Thurs Yogurt, ? , Pasta Salad

Fri ?, Pasta Meatball Soup, Tatertot Casserole,

Sat Cereal, Hamburgers, Out

Sun Oatmeal, Ham & Potato Scallop, Cheese & Crackers

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sewing again!

It has been a really long time since I sewed anything but a friend asked me to make a flower girl dress for her daughter! The wedding is in February and we get really busy in February so my goal was to finish it by the end of January. She gave the fabric & such to me just a week ago & it is DONE!

It was a really easy pattern so that made it go fast. I need to make a sash tomorrow & it will be ready to go. Feels great to accomplish something and have it turn out well.

There weren't any huge mishaps except sewing the bodice on backwards the first time--had to undo that and then redo it! I am hoping that the little girl who wears it has a ball twirling because it is really full. That is what fancy dresses are for after all.

Now maybe I can get my quilting back out but I need to make Michael a pair of pj's first!
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