Day to Day Adventure: 1/16/11 - 1/23/11

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hibernating & Projects

Life has been moving really slow here this week. 
We are pretty much snowed in because of me being on crutches.  I can’t see navigating in 8 inches of snow that way.  We canceled things that weren’t snowed out and just hibernated here at home.
I had all these great crafts to work on while I was down and out.  Unfortunately using crutches makes your arms so sore that it is hard to do repetitive motions.  Like making a rug, like crocheting or anything else!
I have worked some just not as much as I would like.
Here is an update on my rag rug.  It is coming right along.  It measures 28 x 16 right now.  If you are interested in all the instructions go to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.
Instead of just working on my crafts I have been sitting at the table(yea!) planning/grading some school things and teaching Joshua his cursive letters. 
He doesn’t like to write but Handwriting without Tears makes it fun to learn.  We just did the first 3 pages today but he didn’t complain a bit!  We’ve also been working some Mind Benders.  He LOVES those!  The are challenging to a young man whose mind love to work out problems.
While we sit & work the birds are going crazy over our feeders because of the 8 inches of snow on the ground.  I love how they act and get possessive over where they sit.  Beautiful colors in the middle of all the white.
Hmm we might have to make some bird cakes soon.  Birds love them!  I will post the recipe as soon as I can!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things I love: Music that touches hearts

All 4 of our kids have or are learning to play the piano. 
It is part of their daily school work.  
It’s a gift we want to give them.  So that they can bless others with their ability.
Now in the beginning it is hard to listen to the notes that aren’t so melodic.  However in a relatively short amount of time there is beautiful music coming to my ears.

At one time I was learning to play the guitar and I passed a song on to Michael.  It is now one of our favorites.  When he plays it—no matter where I am in the house I just have to stop and listen(and sometime cry).  Not because he butchers it but because the notes, words & every part just touch me.

Music can be that way.

Here is that song.  Unfortunately I don’t have a video of Michael playing it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hold to the truth

“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” - John 8:31-32


A few days ago my niece posted

Truth is . . . .

I don’t know her motivation or why she put it there.  She had 7 people who “liked” her status but no one replied.  That bugged me.

Why not?  That is why we are here.  To point the way to Truth. 

But do we?

I started to think about the ways that I point to the truth.  I had to break down the verse that came to mind from John(above).

Hold to my teaching

I read my Bible daily.  I listen to various scriptures daily as my girls memorize for Bible Quizzing.  I love to listen to Christian radio & the messages there.  Right now I am in a lull & have been for a while.  There are seasons in our lives where God works on changing us & then it seems there is a reprieve for a bit.  I am in the reprieve & I am anticipating the work/change that is coming.  I hope that my actions & lifestyle speaks of my “holding” to Jesus’s teaching.

Really my disciples

Disciple means to be a student of someone.  To sit under their teaching.  I want to live my life that way.  One thing we’ve been doing as a family(provides an example to the kids & gives opportunity for discussion) is to read through Proverbs.  We read aloud & discuss the topic presented.  It has been great to read together & really see how we can apply God’s instructions to us in our lives.  It is a simple thing but it required  a sacrifice of time.  I strive to listen/watch for ways that God’s word applies to where I am at.  He is faithful to give answers where I have questions.

Know the TRUTH

It is so easy to be lost. So many ways to just wander around doing what pleases us & not think about what is true & enduring.  I want to KNOW what truth is & be able to share that with my family & friends.  I remember times when I was young & not sure of the truth.  It was a time full of hurt, anxiety & despair.  I don’t want anyone to have to live in that frightening place.

Treasure maps send us looking for hidden treasure.  We have to search & I think that if we look to God’s word we will find jewels & riches created for us.  It can provided the guidance we need to find the treasure(which is not financial alone) which has been waiting to be found.  There are dangers but there is no bigger adventure to set out on.  And the reward is great, more than we can imagine or foresee.

Truth will set you FREE

Are you free? 

Why not? 

What keeps you trapped and held bondage?  Wouldn’t you like to be set free?   It is amazing how knowing the truth about something will bring a freedom you never knew.   If you want to be free why not pick up a Bible or go to  See what else it says about freedom.  There is a lot there—more than you can imagine.


Wednesday Blog Hops

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Family Portraits

We’ve had some great opportunities for Family Photos in the past month or so.  Here are a few!


Christmas Eve


Christmas Day


Standing on a HUGE snowball


Brush grandchildren


Cornelison grandchildren


My little reindeer

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Homegrown Families

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Return to college(among other things)

5 months ago I watched my oldest drive off to start classes at UMC.  There were tears.  My heart was breaking that he wouldn’t be around and things would CHANGE.


I was worried about how he would survive, sleep, study, eat etc. 

Things moms worry about.


Fast forward.  Today after a great Christmas break, mission trip to Mexico(he survived) and taking care of me for a week after surgery, Michael is packing up to move back across town to the Christian Campus House.  He’s stocking his pantry, buying books, growing a moustache(?).  Basically taking care of business.


I haven’t helped him.  Can’t.  I did cook up some great college freezer food for him.  But that is it!

He is doing so great.  His grades were good even with a challenging start.  He hasn’t changed—still a wonderful, caring, giving guy. 


I am so thankful for that.

So that is the start of my Top Ten Thankful List today.

1.   Michael being home on Christmas Break.

2.   God’s amazing plan for our bodies to heal.  I am one week out from surgery & things are going well.  Bruises are fading.  Stitches come out tomorrow. 

3.   The aches and pains are fading and I need less pain meds all the time.

4.  21 days left of crutches(sigh)

5.  My creative husband.  We were loaned crutches & they seriously were no fun for the first 3 days.  Muscles in your arms aren’t used to propelling your weight around.  Mine were SORE.  So hubby found a way to cushion the pads.  Thanks babe!  Fashionable too—green is my favorite color.


6.  Recheck appointment tomorrow.  Can I drive yet? please?  Not feeling trapped yet but I know it will come.

7.  Suzanne, my mother-in-law, who is also known as the chauffer.  She is available to take my kids to piano, clogging, library, etc especially now that Michael isn’t going to be available for running his siblings around.

8.  My chair & cozy blanket.  Enough said.  Glad I have crutches—just not sure I am thankful for them.


9.  Homeschooling.  We are easing back it to the routine.  We aren’t back up to full speed but it is good to provide a structure for our days.


10.  My girls & their willingness to get 3 meals a day on the table.  Cinnamon rolls(from the freezer) & scrambled eggs for b’fast, fried potatoes & ham for lunch, & tater tot casserole for supper.  They have handled it all.  They are doing a great job.


11.  Just for fun—all of you out there.  I am not stir crazy because I have had such fun reading blogs & enjoying the things people share.  Thanks!

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Every woman should have a recipe that is a no-fail.  It can be easy or hard but always delicious.  This is the one you pull out for company.  My family loves pretty much any form of rice, beans & cheese.  This recipe is easily doubled for a crowd pleaser. 

Recently I got fed up with trying to pick the “perfect” tortilla.  I mean I know that the white flour tortillas aren’t the greatest for us but how to tell the difference between all the varieties.  One day I started looking for recipes on-line and one of my favorite blogs, Heavenly Homemakers, had a recipe I had to try.  She has an e-book that gives her recipes.  These are really filling and it decreases the number of enchilada’s each person will want plus the taste is wonderful!  I use white whole wheat flour and that seems to make them a little lighter.  They freeze well for later use if you decide to make a BIG batch.  Enjoy!



4 Tbsp butter

5 Tbsp-1/2 cup chili powder

1/3 cup flour

1/2 tsp garlic salt

1/4 tsp cumin

1/4 tsp oregano

2 C chicken broth

1 (8oz) tomato sauce

Melt butter in pan.  In separate bowl, mix dry ingredients.  In another bowl or measuring cup, mix broth & tomato sauce.  Slowly add to butter & mix as you go.  Stir constantly and it will be come crumbly.  Very slowly, add broth mix and you will have a thick, tasty sauce.  You can pour this in a slow cooker or use it right away.


10-12 wheat tortillas

2 cans refried beans

2-3 cups shredded cheese

We do the tortilla part of this in an assembly line.   Lay out all the tortillas.  Heat beans in microwave & then place about 2-3 T beans on tortilla.  Smooth out over whole tortilla & sprinkle with cheese.  Roll tortilla up & place in a 9x13 baker.  Repeat for each tortilla & then top with sauce, more cheese & sliced olives if desired.

Serve with shredded lettuce, sour cream & brown rice.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saving Money on School Books

I have found in the past few days that when all you can do is sit then you start to think. . .

then you start making PLANS

for when you WILL be able to get up and do stuff.

Right now about all I can do is homeschool basics(math, science, English, spelling).   So I am planning to chug through quite a bit of our lessons(and maybe catch up a bit from our time off) in the next 3 weeks. 


January & February are always FULL of school – because we cannot be outside much.  I take that back we are inside because I don’t like the cold we just don’t go outside much.  We get more school done when Mommy isn’t distracted by the nice weather out the window.


Today I am planning our History for the next few weeks.  This is a bit more complicated by the fact that I am not sure when I will be able to drive again(arg) and make it to the library.  So I need to get some books on hold for errand boy dear hubby to pick up on his lunch hours.  He is sweet that way.  

Saving money on school books

We save a  TON of money by utilizing our nearby libraries.  Our local(15 minutes away) library is pretty good but doesn’t always carry biographies that we want or older books.  So we make a trip to our state capital’s city library(30 minutes away) to get books from that more conservative(yeah!) library.   This keeps me from blowing my curriculum budget on just books.  That way we can have science projects and math books too—although some would rather just buy books. 

Dec 2000

I admit it I am raising bookworms.  Hmmmm I wonder where they got that trait from(wink).

P1080082       P1090227

So they like that the majority of our History lessons involve a book.  Not a text book but a fiction book that masterfully weaves the history in to a story. 

Love the sound of that? 

Well starting next week I will be posting our plans for reading for the next week—and a write up about the books we are reading.  Mostly about History but not always.  This is an effort keep me honest & accountable.  We often get lost in books & don’t keep on track.  I need the push of posting it here. 

I am hoping to host a link up about making plans—my first—not just about books either.  Advice on that is sure welcome!

But for this week . . .what are you making lists and planning for in the next few weeks coming up?

For more Money Saving Monday tips to to Family Friendly Frugality

New Blog Button

So finally I've made myself a blog button.

Any suggestions?

It wasn’t hard to make.  I love Photoshop Elements!

A little more difficult to put on the blog.  I figured it out though!  Yeah!

Would you put this on your blog?

Sunset Button125gif

Cuddled up

My normal posts are about homeschooling, DIY projects, my kids & daily life.  I am feeling like I am more focused on me here lately but I guess  that is normal when you have surgery.  For now recover IS daily life.

I am amazed at how much effort it takes to heal.  My heart goes out to people who have major surgery.  Mine was just out patient and it has seriously knocked me flat for the last five days. 


This morning(and last night) I was a bit down that I couldn’t go to church.  I knew it would be too much.  Hoping around on crutches from the bathroom to the living room is sometimes too much.  The pain in my shoulders, back & hip just drains what little energy I have out & back to the recliner I go.  So this morning we got the 3 oldest kids out the door but Steve, Joshua & I stayed home.  Joshua & Steve have a cold and I think Steve didn’t want to leave me here alone. 

I appreciated that. 

It also let me tackle the whole taking a shower situation.  That was interesting let me tell you.  Thank you Cindy for finding me a shower bench!!!!

I am getting good at balancing on one leg in pretty much any situation.  Tires out my muscles pretty quickly though.  I have a couple of stools around(bathroom & kitchen) to perch on so I don’t have to stand while I brush my teeth or help in the kitchen. 


I got to make oatmeal this morning.  Seems pretty silly to be happy about that but I was thrilled to get to help with something. 

However after all that activity I am cuddled back in my recliner for the afternoon with a couple of blankets & my computer.  The fun machine that pumps ice water in to a pad that rests across my hip makes me cold so between the blanket & the heat from my computer I am not too cold. 

If you know me I don’t like to be cold. 

I think I need to find my slippers though.  And maybe take a nap.

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