Day to Day Adventure: 2/6/11 - 2/13/11

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap up Feb 7-13

Fun Quotes

Elizabeth--Awk!  Mom where are your crutches? (As I walked by her for the second time)

Steve—so HOW do you make chicken pot pie?(such a brave husband)


Places we went

Gerbes AND Walmart AND Aldis—of course I rode in the electric cart to make it all go easier!

Good Will—shopping for jeans & white shirts—SCORE!


Best moments of the week

Girls cleaning & doing their zones while having a hug fight.  One was chasing the other saying I am going to hug you & the other runs saying “NO NO NO” while laughing hysterically.

Girls dressed up in flip flops to go to Tropical Tuesday!  It was 12 degrees—yikes!

Steve sanding drywall in the stairwell.  Will it ever be finished?


Worst moments of the week

Realizing that my walking distance is about 2 aisles at the grocery store.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Peace is better than Perfectionism

My house isn’t perfect.  I achieve that about once a  year and it lasts about 3.2 minutes.

Know what?  I am okay with that.

P1020642  P1020866_edited-1

Being home with your children means that your home is well used.  We get more money out of our square footage than most people do daily.  Because we really LIVE here and it sure does look like it most days.  I didn’t used to have this relaxed attitude.  

Steve would tell you that I used to be pretty picky about how the house “had” to be if it was to be considered clean.  20 years of marriage and 4 children will change you.  I’ve learned to not sweat the small stuff and enjoy a “mostly” clean house. 

Peace is so much more valuable than perfection. 

Peace sooths, Perfectionism stresses. 

Peace relaxes, Perfectionism screams. 

Peace is contentment, Perfectionism is never happy.

Now I just have my MAIN 3 things to  keep “Momma happy.” 

photo credit

1.  Floor—swept—we have mostly tile & hardwood

2.  Counters—cleared & wiped down—kitchen & bathrooms

3.  Things in their places

We divide up the chores and share because there isn’t a cleaning lady coming to do the work.  It helps to makes no one feel like a slave when we all work. 

photo credit

I used to do everything with that “poor me” attitude & I found it will kill the pleasure in a job accomplished every time.  Now I won’t tell you that this change happened overnight.  It has taken years of accepting & realizing that my highest calling is working in my home. 

That said, the kids are learning the basics of keeping the house running because it is a life skill.  From the beginning we’ve had them helping with dishes, cleaning, picking up and putting away.  I think that is important or it is harder to teach when they are older.  When they are little they want to help but that desire just isn’t there when they begin to see it is work.

So start young, work in small steps towards where you want to be & keep the peace while tossing the perfectionism! 

image    image


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Look Momma!


Do your children do things like this?

Rope, basket & ?cat?


The cat wasn’t impressed.


image  image  image

Wordless Wednesday @ a Beautiful Mess

If I had a mascot. . . I’d be a turtle

Our family has several mascots who take adventure trips with us.


Dash—he’s a bison from South Dakota—Wall, SD to be exact.

He got his name because well he rides on the dash of my suburban.

He has a flat hair problem but he’s cute anyway. 

Then there is Frog—he’s (you guessed it) a Frog.

(Sorry I don’t have a picture of him)

He is from the Omaha Zoo. 


I am just glad we didn’t bring the octopus home.

Today I feel like I should have a turtle as my mascot. 

photo credit

I am off the crutches from my hip surgery.  I am SO thankful for that.  I cannot tell you how much I disliked being trapped with those crutches.  I also cannot tell you how much better I feel from surgery.  That makes me smile even as I poke along from room to room.  Now I just need a stuffed turtle . . .

Monday, February 7, 2011

No idea what is in the freezer!

It is time to take stock!  We’ve survived the month of the girls doing all the cooking.  It has taught everyone some lessons.

1.  We all have favorite foods—I knew that but wow was it apparent!  And not everyone rice at every meal is acceptable.

2.  Meals are for everyone so if you are the "designated cook” it is important to think of others (not just ourselves) when we choose what is on the menu each day!  I never thought this would be a lesson to “teach” but we can all be selfish especially when it comes to favorite foods! 

3.  Being the one in charge goes well for about  3 weeks and then the “shine” wears off! 


4.  I like to try new things!  One of the things I missed the most was trying the new recipes that I found as I was reading blogs!  I find real pleasure when EVERYONE loves a new recipe.  That can be challenging in a family of 6.  Steve is SO laid back about food—if it is nourishing & filling he is generally happy with it.  Some of the others aren’t so laid back though.

So as we enter February & I am easing back into the kitchen, I am evaluating what our menus will be this month.  The biggest obstacle is that I haven’t made it out to our big freezer to see what is still there.  Same problem with my stockpile in the basement.  I know there is food available but have no clue what it is!

Two goals for tomorrow

1.  Go to one store, probably Aldi’s, to get some necessary items.  I am not walking very far yet so . . . one store may be too much. 

2.  Send the girls out to take an inventory of what meals are frozen & available in the garage freezer.

That will keep us from starving & get me back on track with being in the kitchen!  Two things we always have on hand are eggs & potatoes.  Here is a great fast recipe for a quick breakfast, lunch or supper!  Everyone here loves eggs so it is one I go back to a lot!

Easy Frittata

Hash Browns or 4-5 potatoes(diced)—frozen is fine

2 T oil

10 eggs

1/4 cup milk

1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Dice your potatoes & place in a large skilled.  Add oil & fry until tender.  In a separate bowl, beat eggs & add milk.  Sprinkle cheese over potatoes when they are done.  Pour eggs over cheese & potatoes.  Cover skillet & turn heat down to low.  Let eggs cook until firm.  Those who love salsa put a little on their slice.

Serve with toast or biscuits & fruit.


image  image

image  image

10 Things I am ignoring


1.  Groans—this happens quite a bit at meal times or anytime school needs to be done by the youngest male in the family.

2.  Clutter—we need to work on our zones today.  The weekend really made a mess of the living room.

3.  A green fish tank—enough said

4.  My kitchen floor—this is the one job I never got Megan trained on for her chore.  So it hasn’t been done since December.  It is a must do this week.

5.  The calendar—Our next 12 weekends gets crazy.  Only 3 will be at home.  Yikes!  Bible Quizzing takes over our Saturdays this time of year.  Fun trip, practices, & Nationals!

6.  Dishes to return—kind friends and neighbors brought us food.  Now I need to return them so I have some counter space again.

7.  Thank you notes—to send with the above dishes

8.  SNOW—it is everywhere & NOT melting yet

9.  Sore muscles—walking is challenging.  My muscles are NOT happy.  I think they are on strike so I am still sitting a lot & rolling around in my desk chair for school.

10.  Papers to grade—this one is really hanging over my head.  I will spend time on this . . . . . . later today.


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