Day to Day Adventure: 11/28/10 - 12/5/10

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun Friday!!!

I look forward to Fridays.  Always have ever since jr high(so long ago HA!)  So today’s post is about all the fun we’ve been having this week.  We’ve been battling a cold around here so things have been kind of chaotic.


Elizabeth has been working diligently on her Apologia Physical Science.  On Wednesday, she called her little brother away from his English(he was so sad) to see her experiment.  She had mixed corn starch with water & had made a white goo.  It was runny & firm—very weird.  But very FUN!

 We also spent some time at Hobby Lobby shopping for iron on letters—wow they are expensive.  While we were there we found some foam swords & shields, which of course my younger two decided they must buy.  As if we don’t have enough weapons of destruction—nerf guns, play guns, plastic swords etc.  However they did have a lot of FUN chasing each other around the living room.



Friday is date night so that is always fun for everyone.  I am hoping to get some Christmas shopping(or planning) done & spend some precious time with my love.

What are you doing for Friday fun?

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Simple Lives Thursday

Part of me is really drawn to the idea of having a totally homemade Christmas.  However I know that if I was going to accomplish this I should have started MUCH earlier.  That just might be a goal for next year.
My youngest daughter is going to accomplish this because she started her gifts for her grandparents in August.  She loves to cross stitch and crochet so she’s just been working a small bit each week to get her gifts done.  I won’t post photos that would ruin any surprises for relatives!
One thing I have been doing is saving our old blue jeans so that I can make some rugs in the near future.  Here an toothbrush rug I made about a year ago.
I know the name sounds strange but it is fairly simple.  When I start I will do some step by step pictures.  I didn’t know about blogging when I did this rug—so I didn’t know to take pictures!
Here is a website that I have been at that has some tutorials & links to blogs about rug making.
[I've started a new rug!  If you'd like to see the instructions go on over to Making a Rag Rug.]
I stopped in at the Good Will yesterday to look for some shirts but I walked out with a set of sheets in blue/greens & some fabric for $4 that I think will make a perfect rug for my girls room that is lime green sherbet color.
I’m ready to start some projects so that I can stay indoors!  What are you working on?
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Favorite Photos 2010

PART 1 more to come . . .
P1060072            P1060662
P1060620_edited-1                            P1060106_edited-1


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Gratituesday:Routines & Flurries

I have tried in the past to have a minute to minute schedule for our school mornings.  I know that it works well & we get tons done.

BUT it stresses me out!  We get behind & I am running & hurrying then I start snapping & snarling at the kids.

NOT the reason I stay in this house to homeschool.

On the other hand I have found that our mornings go pretty much the same way every day—isn’t that a routine?  Isn’t that easier than making up a schedule for us to follow?  We follow  the routine that works itself out.  My job is more to make sure everyone keeps working on their tasks than to to tell them when to do those tasks.

I also know that if I wasn’t here(and sometimes I have to be gone for an early appointment) then the routine would be followed because that is what the kids normally do.


This morning as the two littles took the dog outside we noticed that the first flurries are coming down. 

I am so thankful that because they are routinely outside this time of morning that they can go out & enjoy the first taste of winter.

As it has gotten colder out, I am so thankful that I have time to check my email & drink a cup of tea before starting school each morning.  Winter must come but I enjoy the warm house just as much.  I am NOT snow bunny!

Basic Morning Routine

Mom up/shower/quiet time—get kids up

Fix b’fast & check lunch/supper plans

Eat b’fast & do Bible time

Mom—dishes      Littles—exercise the dog       Elizabeth—teeth

Mom—tea & computer      Joshua—piano      Girls—start school

Mom & Joshua—start school

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Magical Moments

One thing I want to give my children is to have a childhood that is filled with moments that they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Exploring in far off places. 




Washington, D.C.


South Dakota

But more importantly I want them to know where they come from.  I want them to be close to and know their family. 


That will keep them grounded when their lives change and God places them on different paths.  We joke about the Brush clan but truly that is what we are part of because we are close to all the aunts, uncles & cousins.  We spend time.  We celebrate birthdays and do picnics. 

This weekend was one of those magical moments for our family. 

We spent time with the cousins. 


Laughter, tears, games, JOY!P1090992

God in his wisdom has provided me(and my children) this sanctuary.  It shelters, builds and protects us.  Family is so important and I am thankful I married in to this one.

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