Day to Day Adventure: 2/19/12 - 2/26/12

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unexpected phone call

Years ago(like 10) I had little people in my house.  The worst time of the day was 5 o’clock hour.  The kids were hungry & tired.  I was exhausted & ready to turn over the reins to Steve when he walked in the door.  But I had supper to prepare & have ready.

I liked to listen to Spirit FM, a Christian radio station, while I worked in the kitchen.  Michelle Odell was the deejay at that time.  I enjoyed her laughter and joyous outlook on life. 

Really I’m going some where with this—be patient.

My normal schedule on Tuesdays is to be in town running errands.  Yesterday I was home instead.  The kids have been staying with my mother-in-law so I can care for mom.  I won’t lie it has been a rough couple of days.  Survival kinds of days.

So when the phone rang yesterday I really wasn’t expecting the blessing that God had planned for me.  The sweet familiar voice I heard on the other end of the line was very familiar. 

The radio station was calling listeners, who support Spirit FM(which is AWESOME by the way), to chat & see if we had any prayer requests.  Did I mention that I am not normally home on Tuesday afternoon?

So I shared Michelle what our family has been going through because I knew she could relate.  Did I mention that when I was listening to her so many years ago she had learned that she had breast cancer?  Did I mention that I felt burdened to pray for her as she walked that journey?  You just never know how or when you might get to help someone or have that blessing come back around.

Michelle asked me a few things and then she sweetly prayed for my mom.  She reminded me that God is in control.  The only big “C” is the one who God sent to save us.  Christ is our great physician and he can do mighty things. 

Sometimes I think that we must go through the tough times, the really dark and desperate times, in order to know when God sends us encouragement.  In normal life we don’t always pay attention.

This is one of my favorite songs right now. . . . . I hope that you enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Small Joys

The world can become very small.  It can be very tiring and overwhelming.  It is easy to focus on what is difficult.  There is so much that is ugly about fighting cancer.  It is hard to find the good in life through the fog.

Much of what my mom battles is in her mind.  How do you WANT to get up and move when all you know is overwhelming fatigue.  It is easy to sleep.  Getting dressed is in insurmountable task that defeats you before you throw back the covers.

One of my jobs lately is to point out the good.  It is there if you look for it.  Some times it might be the smallest, little thing.  But if it makes her smile or laugh well then it was worth it. 

The small BIG joys from today.

1.  Trip to Hy-vee to pick up a prescription.  This was the first(not doctor) trip mom has had in over two weeks.  She enjoyed the post Valentine’s roses & tulips.


2.  Laughter.  Several times today I joked about something I did or mom did that wasn’t that funny but it drew a laugh.  Precious to me.

3.  Engaging life.  Today mom looked me in the eye.  She called Abby, the therapy dog, over to pet her.  She started conversations with me.

4.  A closer family.  Sadly before this journey my brother, sister & I weren’t really very close.  We talked at holidays & birthdays but that has all changed.  There are daily conversations flowing & we know what’s going on each other’s daily lives.  I pointed that out to mom today.  One HUGE blessing that has come out of this mess.

I know that tomorrow may not be a good day for mom.  She knows it too.  I plan to keep counting the good little joys that sneak in.  It helps to chase away the fog and brings light to her world(and mine).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Therapy Dog

I have teased my mom that she really doesn’t come to my house to be pampered & fed & enjoy her grandchildren. 

She comes to see my dog.

Abby is a sweet black lab who would let you pet her until your arm falls off. She’s sweet tempered, hardly ever barks and seems to know when mom needs a touch or company.  One of my favorite sights is to see mom sleeping on the couch and Abby sleeping close by.  Its like she know that mom needs a little extra loving right now.

Mom loves to let Abby lean against her and she pets her head & rubs her ears.  This seems to be mutually beneficial to both of them

Abby gets her loving(which she is not lacking from the rest of the family) and Mom gets to see my her sweet puppy. 

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