Day to Day Adventure: How do you eat an Elephant?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How do you eat an Elephant?

I have scrapbooking on the brain since I got back from my getaway this weekend.  I keep hoping to sneak off downstairs to work for a few minutes.  It hasn’t happened yet but I am still hopeful.


On the other hand I have done almost a full week of homeschool with all three kidos!  That hasn’t happened due to illness & various other distractions for a couple of weeks!

Right now working on my pictures feels like an a MASSIVE project that just sits there waiting.

I often ask my kids “how do you eat an elephant?”  They then give me 1 of two looks.

1.  Confused—they haven’t heard my speech about having too much to do to catch up and feeling overwhelmed.  They want to give up and not try but I won’t let them.

P1090967  P1020991

2.  Oh mom—not that speech.  Complete with eye rolling(I’ve never caught this in a picture!)  They’ve heard it but it hasn’t sunk in yet so I have to repeat it again.  Break your project down in to small pieces and then start working on one of them.  Just take a small BITE!

I am basically 5 years behind with pictures.  That means I either have pictures in a box, slide in album, or on my computer that aren’t out where the kids can enjoy them.  Just slightly frustrating.  These weekends where I go away let me get our vacations done but not much else.

So instead of packing my supplies away I took them to the basement so that I can work at odd moments.  Even if I only do a few pages a month, that is better than doing nothing. 

I am going to report here in a month—April 23rd.  Accountability is good right?  Feel free to check on me if I don’t report!  I am not setting a specific goal but a general one just to work on some pages.  I also plan to put up some simple layouts that I like to do over and over.  But for now I am going to get to work.

What projects do you have that are elephants & what is the next BITE you are going to take?



  1. I love your idea about keeping your scrapbook supplies out and ready for when you have just a few minutes. Because that is such a barrier when you have to drag everything out before you can get to work. I just cleared out my home office to make way for a sewing room, for the very same reason. I have about 8 or 10 quilt tops in various stages of completion, and I rarely work on them because it's such a hassle to drag out the sewing machine from the upstairs closet and take over the dining room table for a while. So now the machine will go in the new sewing room and I can leave it set up. Hope to make some progress that way. But I am not as brave as you and willing to set a date and ask people to hold me accountable ;) (baby steps, right?)

  2. Lynn--It is definitely a baby step! I love the idea of a ROOM where I could do this but right now I am using a corner of the living room. It is actually right next to where my sewing machine lives!


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