Day to Day Adventure: Keeping up with Mount Washmore.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Keeping up with Mount Washmore.

Oh how to manage LAUNDRY?  My least favorite task is this never ending chore.  I’d rather mow the grass or shovel snow.  At least that stays done for a while.  Every time I turn around I find a dirty sock or  a shirt that is shed when some one is hot. 

Kids = Laundry

I don’t like having a bad attitude about this chore but how to make it more joyful?  How to turn a chore in to a blessing?  I do love having clean laundry when I need it but how to not feel like it is a heavy burden?  I needed a plan.

A very wise friend shared with me over a year ago how she keeps ahead of the accumulating loads.  She has 8 kids, so she should know right?

Each child gets a day to do their laundry & at their house one other load—whites.  She only buys white towels by the way. 

We’ve arranged it a bit differently but it works for our family.

Monday—Mom & Dad


Wednesday—Joshua—yep my 8 year old does his own laundry


Friday—Mom & Dad

Weekends? Michael brings his home some or we don’t do any.

The kids share the whites/towels/sheets on Wed & Friday.  It is part of the chores that they do. 

I love knowing when they leave the house they will be able to handle their laundry.  When I couldn’t do the stairs they girls did my laundry as well & handled it wonderfully!

It is awesome to not have the entire responsibility of the family laundry on me.  I don’t refer to the basement as the dungeon quite so often now!

So that is how we roll with the laundry here.

How do you do get it all done?



  1. I do 1 load a day, and I've shown my son how to do laundry. We have a stackable set, so he can't reach the dryer yet; but he knows how to use the washer! when he gets tall enough (LOL), he'll use the dryer, too! I like doing 1 per day, I can't stand doing laundry marathons!

  2. Get the boy a stool. Okay maybe not but it is awesome that he's learning how! I wish we only had one load a day. Good plan to not have to do a marathon!

  3. How do I get it all done? I don't, which is why I came over here--to look for ideas! LOL. I think the hardest part is that my oldest child is 6. Any suggestions for the My Kids Are Little crowd? :)

    In the meantime I'll be brainstorming this for years to come.

  4. We have 5 children(ages 9,6,3 & twins 14 months). I used to do laundry 2 days out of the week & I liked that but now I have too much laundry for that. I was starting to dislike doing laundry and then I realized that it is because it is a never ending job. I now do 4 loads every other day but the key is washing, drying, folding, putting away all on the same day so it doesn't feel neverending.


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