Day to Day Adventure: The beginning of the end

Monday, July 18, 2011

The beginning of the end

Well I changed my 2 month family calendar today.  August is on the board with school start dates & all.


There were several groans & lamenting all around.

Me included.    There are lots of projects to do & vacation time to take before Michael moves back on campus.  We will miss College Boy when he moves out.  There are always fun things happening with him around.

It is hot(REALLY HOT) here in mid-MO.  I think the heat may be affecting my almost 20 year old’s brain power.  

10 Things old teens do (that make me shake my head)

10.  Call to see if I have time to bring him lunch

9.  Thank me & his sister for the awesome lunch(it was leftovers)

8.  Move computer to nearest flat surface so we can eat supper at the table—bathroom?


7.  Play ninja at the park in the 95+ weather


6.  Watch a zillion Dr. Who movies

5.  Go film a movie with friends in the 95+ weather

Sears movie

4.  Build a fire for movie & make it really big

(did I mention it is really hot here?)

3.  Play Pass the Pigs with his younger brother & sister at WAY past their bed time—okay I guess I did encourage this one

2.  Work on a speech for class at 6:30 in the morning out in the driveway

1.  Sleep with the window open because he is cold—the air is on & the vent in the bedroom is open

As much as Michael baffles me at time, I am so thankful for my oldest son.  His laugh, the random piano moments that happen, watching movies until late & feeling that all my chicks are under one roof again.  It has been a growing, learning time in the last year so it has been good that he came home for the summer. 

image4 image


  1. Very cute! I like the playing ninja at the park..lo

  2. Very cute! I love all the pictures! Playing ninja in the park sounds like fun! Have a great week!

  3. I can SO relate! We have an almost 20 year old son too, who watches Dr. Who, keeps a day planner with writing times and words per day scheduled in, plays Ninja with friends, makes sushi at midnight, went to the midnight premier of every Harry Potter movie, and does plenty of other odd things that make me shake my head. And I love it! I love that he's still home and that he's his own person.


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