Day to Day Adventure: 20 years and counting

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

20 years and counting

Yep today is Groundhog Day.  In the US that means we watch a groundhog to know how long we have until spring.  Kinda silly isn’t it.  But hey winter will make you do things like that.

Another silly things is that I got married on Groundhog Day.


  Steve likes it.  He never forgets when our anniversary is that way.

Usually we don’t spend our anniversary together because he’s working & I am home schooling/corralling our young’ins.  But God arranged it this special year that we could be home together.  Well sort of—he’s outside shoveling a ton of snow off our driveway.  That and making snow tunnels with the kids.  I am kind of jealous. 


That is saying something because I don’t really appreciate the cold or snow.  But it looks fun from the window.

I cannot even begin to write a blog post that would do justice to the love I have for my husband.  He is kind, loving, hardworking & above all loves Jesus with all his heart.  He is continually striving to grow and become the man God wants him to become.  I am so thankful for the first 20 years we’ve had together and I eagerly anticipate the adventures we will have in the next 20.

And because sometimes pictures speak louder than words. . .

1993.BMP       2000-2.BMP      1994-2_edited-12000-7.BMP 2005-2.BMP P1010146

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  1. Kim,

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Having a memorable day for your anniversary definitely makes it easier to remember.

    May God continue to bless you both for many more years.

  2. Happy Anniversary. Go out in the snow and play with them!! You'll be happy that you did!

  3. Thanks for the well wishes! I would like to go out but crutches keep me on dry ground. :)

  4. Thanks for following HaddyGrace Designs, I now follow you, your Blog is definately of interest to me, I homeschooled our 2 oldest until God called us to send them to a private Christian school, We also do't have a dishwasher, we love to read together, and make homemade bread, we tear rooms apart and make a huge mess that we then have to live with for weeks! :)

    See you around!,

  5. Oh what fun pictures of you and your husband/family! happy anniversary to you both!

  6. Love your photos and congrats on your anniversary!!

    Just found your blog on For the Love of Blogs and am a new follower :-)

    joy & blessings,


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