Day to Day Adventure: Starting again

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Starting again

Its been almost a year since I posted.  No excuses just reasons.

No time as I’ve managed to accomplish a REAL school year for 2012-13.  We are close to finishing it all up and having a few weeks off for the summer.(PRAISE GOD!)

My mom has pancreatic cancer, lives with us & I am often away at doctor appointments.

My dad has a delusions and that has been taking up bits of time.

Blogging can take over my life and it is better to just live it some times.  But that said I know that I want to post more here.  Enjoy these random pictures from the past year.


You never are too old to play dress up


New puppy in the house—meet Bear


A new boy scout!


Still a kid—looking for Easter eggs!


Having fun coaching again


Michael & Rebekah announcing . . .


Something exciting in their future!

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