Day to Day Adventure: Lemonade Stands & Bravery

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lemonade Stands & Bravery

Today we held a garage sale at Grandma Suzanne's. It was great--we sold a lot, made some cash and got rid of things we didn't need any more. It was rainy at first so everyone was needed to cover things with tarps. Then finally it cleared and the sun was out to stay.

Joshua and Megan had talked about selling cookies & lemonade at the sale earlier in the week. Cookies didn't happen because we were so busy cleaning out closets & boxes. But we did make lemonade to sell.

When I suggested this they were all for it; however, when it came to doing it their enthusiasm left. In fact at first, Joshua was the only one willing to sit behind the table and "pour." Cousin Emily "helped" him until Megan came out. After me doing some convincing, they moved to the end of the driveway and scraped together their courage to ask people if they wanted to buy a cup for 10 cents. After that Megan came over and said "That wasn't as scary as I thought." You must be brave to run a lemonade stand!

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