Day to Day Adventure: Crazy week!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Crazy week!

I realize that as I get older time gets shorter. But MAN it was in fast forward this week. Thank goodness for quiet Friday nights.

Monday was a good day--we were home and able to get a good chunk of work done. Steve laughed at me for setting up a table in our room so I could find a space to leave planning work out. It always amazes me how much I look forward to starting the school year. It is new it is exciting & usually by the end of August we are ready to get in to a routine after the summer of doing whatever! Thinking of fall keeps creeping in--Monday night the older kids & Daddy went to a upward soccer coach meeting while I took the littles to the pool. :)

Tuesday became a bit hectic. We stayed up late Monday night deciding what M truly wanted/needed to take at the college level as a dual enrolled senior. I am excited he is taking these courses. However I am a bit intimidated by the whole process. He is the grand experiment and I shudder at getting this part wrong. Finally on Tuesday got him enrolled and registered for the class--American Sign Language. It counts as a foreign language--yeah! Then I went back in to shop for our month coming up. We have tons of meals in the freezer & stuff stocked up so that should help with meals as we get school rolling. I did this because I had some good rebates on groceries!

Wednesday we decided it was time to trade in the old clunker of a truck that Steve was driving--got to take advantage of the govt $ too. That just took ALL day! So not much else was done and we were exhausted.

Thursday we again got to be home in the morning and I got all the previous year paperwork DONE so now I can move on to next year without any guilt! I like starting a year but I hate having to finish things up. Then I went back in to sign paperwork with Steve on the new Rav4. Didn't get home until after 7. Thank goodness for M and his willingness to run the house and fix supper for his sibs. He even grilled meat for them--awesome!

Friday I realized that J had shared his lovely cold with me. I have been dragging all day. I did get to go and get my bangs permed--missed my appt on Wed. So now I won't have all those bad hair days I have been enjoying! E & I just went shopping afterwards and I got worn out.

So I am taking the advice of hubby and resting so I don't make the cold worse. He is so wise. Maybe next week will SLOW down and I can be home more. I sure hope so . . . .

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