Day to Day Adventure: Mama is takin' us to the zoo tomorrow

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mama is takin' us to the zoo tomorrow

I admit it I didn't want to go to the zoo.

There is the unfinished basement. School needs to be planned. My garden is going crazy with weeds & green beans. The house isn't organized at all. However, we had promised the kids to go there on Steve's next long weekend off. It was also E's 13th birthday. But when we got there I remembered why it is good to go on vacations. We had FUN! Every trip is an adventure. We opened gifts before we left & didn't get out of town until 5 and it is a 5 hour drive. Ick. However with a DVD player in the suburban anything is possible! We pulled in to the hotel at 1 1 p.m. and everyone went to sleep quick! At breakfast, we met another home school family & enjoyed talking to them. It is funny how you know who is a home schooler & who isn't. I think we must have a "look" or something.

Lion's Tigers & Bears--Oh my!

At the zoo we first saw a polar bear being fed. He had carrots first & had two sticking out of his mouth at one time. I didn't get a shot of that. Bummer. But I did get one when he ate a WHOLE melon.

The monkey house was next where the gorilla's did a great job of turning their backs on us. No pictures for them. Then we found this really cool looking hippo statue that the kids climbed all over and Megan even sat in his mouth. I got a great group shot and then we realized "this is a trash can." Did I say that every trip is an adventure?

Then we had a blast feeding the budgies. We used to call them parakeets but for some reason they have this special name. Either way they are fun to chase, feed and sometimes put on your hat or shoulder. Last time we were here it was blistering hot so it was awesome to be there when it was only 80 degrees. On the second day we were there it was actually cold in the shade.

We also got to walk through the Dessert Dome & then the Aquarium. We love the aquarium because you can walk through a tunnel & see TONS of fish, sharks & turtles. Best of all we got to see the sharks being fed right before we left. It wasn't bloody or anything. Just a fish on a stick & CHOMP--it was gone. The penguins were a blast too. We saw them being fed too--they are wild. Jumping, diving, in and out of the water. All choreographed to be moving at the same time. We also saw some cool jelly fish. They were beautiful. Finally it was time to head home. It was very quiet on the way home but everyone was glad we went. Even me.

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