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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well I obviously didn't get #1 post for Michael done yesterday. Various reasons--mainly because it was our anniversary yesterday and I just ran out of time. So I will work on getting it out tomorrow or Friday. Don't want to leave Michael out!
The other reason I didn't do it today was we tackled the shower tile today!!!!!

Our plan was to use one kind of tile from tub to ceiling. Boring & easy. Well when Steve went to the store to purchase the rest of the tile we needed he discovered that they didn't have all the tile we needed in the color we planned to use. So we revamped the plan--changed colors of tile & added an idea made it a little more complicated. So we had to lay it out on the living room floor to make sure it looked right and the pattern worked--this took the rest of the morning.

We didn't actually start placing the tile on the wall until after 2 so considering that we did really well. The small tile that is in our border takes more time & thought to put up so that slowed progress down considerably. When we reached the top row, we realized that we were not going to come up flush with the ceiling but be short by about an inch--revise the plan again. We didn't go to the ceiling and we were done for the day. It looks really good but the end walls will need to wait until Sunday or Monday. I am happy we worked today but progress can be slow at times.

I admit I REALLY wanted to have the tile done today. It was hard not to be disappointed after supper when it was decided we needed to stop because we were to tired to continue. Having a second toilet in the house shouldn't be such a priority but some how it is. Friday I will seal the grout on the floor, primer the rest of the walls. Maybe the "colored" paint can go up Wednesday next week--then a toilet and vanity. I guess my problem is that we are so close that I can taste having it done. Patience--only way to learn it is to wait a little more.


  1. I love to tile, but I think I love it most when it's done! That is a lovely design y'all did - I can't wait to see the finished bathroom! It's a lot of work, but you can save so much by doing it yourselves, plus you know it was done carefully and properly.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Well I hope that it was done properly! I cannot wait to see it done. I am patiently waiting until hubby has more time. That seems to be the lesson I am supposed to learn on all house improvement projects. :)

  3. Let us know if you ever need an extra hand on anything. We love doing that kind of thing. If we don't know how, we love to learn and are actually quick learners...well, at least Andrew is!


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