Day to Day Adventure: High School at Home Part 2

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

High School at Home Part 2

After we laid out a basic plan we then took a look at what Michael had already done in junior high. 


He had tackled Algebra I in his 8th grade year so here is what it looked like for High School

Algebra II—9th     

Advanced Math(Trig & Geometry)--10th-11th      


Language Arts(various)

In his elementary/middle years we used Rod & Staff English to solidify our grasp of grammar, so we felt it was time for some more writing.  Since the outside class wasn’t available we chose Wordsmith to begin a writing program. 

Composition & Grammar                          9th  Wordsmith

Literature in American History             10th Beautiful Feet

Literature in World History                     11th Beautiful Feet

Advanced Composition & Grammar    12th Outside Class

Physical Education

100_3319_edited-1It is necessary & important, however, we decided we couldn’t make it happen in one year or semester.  So I kept track of his exercise time over the course of 4 years and counted a full credit at the end of high school.  This was a huge relief for me!  We also looked for ways he could be involved in sports in a coaching capacity because that added a new dimension to sports for him.  It also looks great on college applications!

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