Day to Day Adventure: Fun Friday!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun Friday!!!

I look forward to Fridays.  Always have ever since jr high(so long ago HA!)  So today’s post is about all the fun we’ve been having this week.  We’ve been battling a cold around here so things have been kind of chaotic.


Elizabeth has been working diligently on her Apologia Physical Science.  On Wednesday, she called her little brother away from his English(he was so sad) to see her experiment.  She had mixed corn starch with water & had made a white goo.  It was runny & firm—very weird.  But very FUN!

 We also spent some time at Hobby Lobby shopping for iron on letters—wow they are expensive.  While we were there we found some foam swords & shields, which of course my younger two decided they must buy.  As if we don’t have enough weapons of destruction—nerf guns, play guns, plastic swords etc.  However they did have a lot of FUN chasing each other around the living room.



Friday is date night so that is always fun for everyone.  I am hoping to get some Christmas shopping(or planning) done & spend some precious time with my love.

What are you doing for Friday fun?

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  1. Love the weapons of destruction!

  2. hahaha! Growing up... and still now as adults, we had "Easter Weapons." There would be one type of weapon that would appear in our baskets for the annual post-church family war. Good memories!


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