Day to Day Adventure: 10 Spring Things I am Looking Forward to

Monday, February 21, 2011

10 Spring Things I am Looking Forward to

10.  Walks at the park

Winter weather is starting to be old.  I would like to to be able to chuck school for the afternoon & just go play.  Spring is coming!


9. Not being careful with how I walk

Surgery left me being very cautious with where I walk & how long I can go.  Not a lot of pain but not a lot of stamina either.  I am ready to be steady on my feet.

8.  Feeling strong

Six weeks have passed.  I am cleared to start strengthening my muscles and working back up to “normal.”  Whatever that is.

7.  Hiking

Okay so that means across Wal-mart at this point.  But I am SO happy/glad/ecstatic to be able to do that!

6.  Playing chase with my kids

I hate being the slow one of the group.  That is gonna change!

5.  Bike rides

See #6

4.  Wearing sandals

I miss my sandals.  Come on warm weather you can do it!

3.  Planting my garden

I was afraid I might not be able to have one this year.  I am so grateful that it is doable.  Now what should we plant . . .


2.  Flowers

Not too long until we can move the mulch back so that they baby plants can start peaking up.



I am already noticing that it is staying late longer.  There have been a lot of distractions in January & February this year so I haven’t gotten too sun deprived but I am ready to spend some time outside in the sun.  It just makes me smile to think about it!


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  1. The shortest day of the year is one of my favorite day because it is when the days start getting LONGER. I love the lengthening days. Soon we'll actually be able to go outside and play in warm daylight after naps! I hope you are back to full health very very soon.

  2. I'm so looking forward to spring! We've had a few spring like days here in GA but I know blackberry winter is coming before we are in full on spring weather-I can't wait!
    Coming over from Oh Amanda's Top ten list-love the top ten of spring-had to click on it!

  3. I love your attitude! I've got spring fever, too. It won't be long now!

  4. I can't wait for spring either! :) Spring is my favorite season between the warmer weather, spring flowers, and birds. :)

  5. I not only am looking forward to wearing sandals but also going barefoot!! This was also my top ten last week :).

  6. OH I Love SPRING! Great List!
    I'm a new follower from Top 10 Lists.
    Amy's Life@


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