Day to Day Adventure: Money Saving Monday: Saving Mushroom$

Monday, February 21, 2011

Money Saving Monday: Saving Mushroom$

I hate throwing food away.  Especially when it has slid to the back of the refrigerator & been forgotten. 


Mushrooms often are that way around here.  We open a package and use 4-5 and then the rest well when I find them a week later they just go in the trash.  I HATE  that because it feels like I am throwing $ in the trash.  Which in a way I guess I am.

My brilliant hubby read the package of the mushrooms(I swear I’ve never seen this) and it said to put the unused mushrooms in a paper bag in the frig. 


He did that & told me about it later.  Then I promptly forgot about them.  When I went to make a recipe that needed a few mushrooms I stomped my food & said “I bet those are BAD!”  Frustrated I opened the bag and WOW they were fine!  A little dried out and wrinkly but not slimy and bruised as they are usually in the blue container they come home in.


So I am not out to save the world just trying to save a few bucks & mushrooms along the way.  Do you have any cool tricks to share on how to keep food fresh a bit longer?



  1. I'll have to try that! I normally put them in a ziplock bag and they end up slimy. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Great tip. Mushrooms tend to be forgotten about at our house, so this should help.

    Thanks for linking up to Kitchen Economics. I hope to see you again this Wednesday.


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