Day to Day Adventure: Pink Boots

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pink Boots

I snapped this picture at church. 


The fun thing is that the sweet little one isn’t in her daddy’s  arms.  Children outnumber the adults most Sunday mornings.

We like it that way.  Children are precious.

Everyone pitches in and it isn’t unusual to see a little one asleep on someone’s lap and the parents aren’t anywhere close by. 


I don’t know about a village raising a child but I do know that a church should play a vital role.  We love, encourage, warn, provide mentors, teach, play with the children.  It is a vital role in their lives.

Definitely a Finer Thing!

image  image


  1. I love the picture, knowing that it's not her Dad. There is something so sweet and innocent about being able so relaxed that you can fall asleep anywhere! And the pink boots just add to that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, I followed over from Foto Friday and I love the sentiment you captured in these photos! My own babies have had many a cuddle with others in our military "village" and I too believe that those other adults play a vital role in my children's lives. Thanks for sharing the love.


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