Day to Day Adventure: Relaxed Homeschool

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Relaxed Homeschool

I am normally a person who MUST have a plan.  It drives me slightly bonkers to just float along each day.  Steve would give a hearty AMEN to that—the bonkers part.

I don’t get much done without a plan.  I have various tools I use to plan each week.


Menu planner—for 2-4 weeks on the frig

Homeschool Tracker—enters our work & helps plan for future

Family Calendar—on the frig so I know when an event is coming up

Chore Chart—everyone has jobs & no excuses about knowing when to do them

Routines—we have weekly & daily ones, these aren’t written they just reoccur naturally  ie—errand/grocery days, lesson days etc

Off Track Plan

We didn’t do much Monday or Wednesday due to sickness & my recovery needs(SLEEP).  But we were productive.  The girls keep on working even when I am down so I used some of my down time to grade papers.  NOT my favorite chore but it must be done. 

It makes me irritable to just sit.  That is what I must do on these days of recovery.  I walk doing errands and feel good one day & the next is a mixture of soreness & overwhelming fatigue.  It is getting better slowly.  The lesson that the children & I are learning is that school can be relaxed and still get things accomplished.

1.  There is time for games.  Mental math gets practiced!


2.  I can work with one child on the quality of their cleaning in the zone.

3.  Daddy can use their labor at a project.  Like cleaning the basement—which I have yet to visit.

4.  Its okay not to work as hard as we can EVERY day.

5.  On the “good” days I need to work at keeping focused on the job at hand.  My habit of doing nothing all the time is hard to break.  I like to accomplish things but hey it is easier to do nothing instead. 

There are lessons in working hard & giving your all to a job.  But there are equal lessons to relaxing and mixing fun with learning.  In 50 years, will my children remember if we tackled a math lesson each day or will they remember the time we spent together learning about life when it doesn’t go the way you expected?  So I am going to do a little school today and perhaps read on the couch with my youngest & a cup of cocoa!  That give us both something that we love!

What do you do when your day gets off track?

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  1. New follower. Found you on the blog hop. We are going to start homeschooling this fall!!

  2. That is REALLY exciting! Hope you can gather some small pieces of wisdom here!

  3. I actually had hopped over here from the links on inlinkz home page. I'm so glad I did. I have subscribed to you by email. I love everything I've read by you so far!
    I also homeschool....just one of my 4 children left at home though and she is 14 and grade 8 this year.


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