Day to Day Adventure: 10 Reasons Bible Quizzing is worth it

Monday, April 25, 2011

10 Reasons Bible Quizzing is worth it

This is the busiest time of the year for our family. We participate in Bible quizzing each month and the end of the season in in April when the National Tournament occurs. There are two members of my family that are SUPER excited, nervous, dreading, ready to leave.

The rest of us are surviving. It is HARD work getting read for this event. It is HARD work keeping kids motivated to study. It is HARD work . . . . but it is worth it. There are eternal purposes in some very HARD things

1. Sowing seeds—I know that my children would not memorize God’s word like they do if we weren’t Quizzing. There is a motivating factor in getting to answer questions & quoting. It is addicting to plant verses in their minds(& they keep doing it even after quizzing is done).

2. Life lessons—I have had more conversations about the application of scripture to THEIR lives & MINE in relation to Quizzing than I have at any other time.

3. Conviction—There is nothing that convinces my children to choose the right path more than having read & studied what God says about lying, cheating, adultery, working hard, storing up treasure in heaven, taming the tongue, etc.

4. Godly mentors—The people who are part of Bible Quizzing, at least part of the group we are in, are unpaid volunteers & they do it to see kids grow in character & wisdom. They love God, share Jesus with others, pray continually. That is who I want my kids to have an opportunity to observe & imitate.

5. Teamwork—At age 11, the kids join a team and start working together to cover all their material each month. They want to do well & for the most part work hard in their spare time to do the work in anticipation of contributing to the team.

6. Encouragement—One thing that brings tears to my eyes is when a little 11 year old boy(who is shaking in his boots) gets up to answer a question and is cheered on by the rest the quizzers from ALL the teams. These kids truly love each other with Christ’s love and it shows.
7. Rolling with the punches—Nothing ever goes as planned. Have you noticed this? Babies are born, people have cancer, tires go flat, grandparents die, appendixes burst. God gives us opportunities each day to quit things that are important. But by His grace, we don’t because He gives us the strength to carry on.

8. Friendships—Some of my kid’s best friends are Quizzers. Some of my best friends are people I have had the opportunity to meet through Quizzing. I always tell people that there are no better people in the world. 45 teams of 7 together for 4 days. No discipline problems, crazy fun, praise & worship. It forges friendships that will last a lifetime.
9. FUN!!!—It is high stress trying to win anything. When that is set aside though these kids love to have fun. There are a lot of fun stories I could tell but I will let the pictures tell the story.
10. Eternal purpose—I like to think that all the hours I listen to God’s word being spoken by my children is a treasure that is being accumulated for me(&them) in heaven. We take nothing with us when we die but God’s word never changes. So the more I get to study, listen & plant it in my heart I know I benefit. Nothing that we do means more than this and I am so thankful we have the freedom & opportunity to be a part of Bible Quizzing.


  1. I love the intentional reasoning you use for Bible quizzing. Thanks for sharing your Top Ten list!

  2. What an encouraging post! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Is this JBQ? We are childrens pastor's in Ohio and my daughter is in JBQ as well! We are actually going to the regional meet in Indy in 2 wks for the first time. Can't wait! I LOVED your post! each one is so true and so important!!

  4. Jenilee--this is BQF. Probably a different ministry from the one you are referring to. Glad you guys get to go to regionals--so exciting! Good luck!


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