Day to Day Adventure: Busy Busy Bugs

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Busy Busy Bugs

Life has truly been difficult this week.

Holidays make for odd sorts of thoughts(What day is it anyway?)

No tragedies just challenges—although my Suburban is in the shop.  WAH!

Lots going on and lots that I am thinking about.

Hopes & dreams are changing.  Frustrations with people.

College boy is home & we are ALL adjusting.

So it is quiet on the blog because we are out having adventures & soon I will be back & write about them.

Especially since I am out in my gardens A LOT—so excited!

The kids are so close to finishing school they can taste it & so can I.

Here is a fun one.  The cicadas are driving me nuts.  However my little guy LOVES them.  Some pictures to gross you out!


They are just a bunch of play toys to him(uuug)


The shells are all over the ground!


My bushes are covered.

Can you imagine what the plague of locusts was like?

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