Day to Day Adventure: Pomme de Terre Lake

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pomme de Terre Lake

Oh I love doing nothing.  Not all the time because just sitting around does get old.  But if I have the opportunity to just grab my book, a glass of tea & sit in the sun for an hour by the water.  Oh yeah I am all over that. 

Especially at sunset

A lot of times we use our vacation to go & see this fabulous country that God has created or to see where history happened.  We originally planned to find a beach to visit this year but that plan fell through so instead we searched out some water closer to home.  Lake Pomme de Terre fit the bill & we found a great house on VRBO which is a great site by the way.

We were there 6 nights and I am pretty sure I didn’t do a lick of work while we were there.  Well okay I did do a couple loads of laundry so we had clothes.  But two load for 8 people for 6 days—well I am okay with that.  Here are the highlights!


Playing games


On the water




more fishing


Playing in the water

more fishing



Learning new games


Time alone


Time together

We live in such a fast paced world that I cherish every moment where we can just hang out together, be thankful for each person & enjoy the time.  There is just nothing like it.


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