Day to Day Adventure: Therapy Dog

Monday, February 20, 2012

Therapy Dog

I have teased my mom that she really doesn’t come to my house to be pampered & fed & enjoy her grandchildren. 

She comes to see my dog.

Abby is a sweet black lab who would let you pet her until your arm falls off. She’s sweet tempered, hardly ever barks and seems to know when mom needs a touch or company.  One of my favorite sights is to see mom sleeping on the couch and Abby sleeping close by.  Its like she know that mom needs a little extra loving right now.

Mom loves to let Abby lean against her and she pets her head & rubs her ears.  This seems to be mutually beneficial to both of them

Abby gets her loving(which she is not lacking from the rest of the family) and Mom gets to see my her sweet puppy. 

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  1. I love it - pets do give so much comfort in so many ways:) they are never rushing off to do something - always willing to sit & spend tIme with us:). Love it!! Sherina


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