Day to Day Adventure: Where to find inexpensive fabric?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where to find inexpensive fabric?

If you’ve cruised around my blog much at all you will see that I like to make rag rugs.  Using up something old to create a new thing of beauty makes me happy!

I haven’t done a TON of them because they take a while to make.

The other thing that keeps me from making a bunch of them is the cost.  Fabric is PRICEY!  Even when using coupons, fabric can cost an arm & leg.

Luckily rugs don’t require patterns, just color.

So I have a new habit that helps me make rugs with out breaking the bank.  Anytime I am out by the Good Will I stop in to peruse. . . . the sheets.  Lots of cotton fabric in colors for not much cash.

The above rug is in my girls room and it is made from a Good Will striped twin sheet set that had blue, turquoise, and lime green in it.  Since their room is lime green that worked for me!

Here is my latest rug.  The Vegetable Soup rug(named by Elizabeth)! I started it in November and have taken it many places. Hospital rooms, doctor visits, clogging practice, Bible quizzing trips and right here at home in my comfy chair on movie nights.

The black is a sheet on clearance at Target right after back to school time(thanks Lisa!)  I also plan to hit some garage sales this spring/summer.

I’m over half way now & I want to get this one done before it gets too warm outside.  Making rugs can be a WARM project which is good in the winter but not so good in the summer.  .  .  .  .  besides my crowded garden takes my free spring/summer time.

What project do you have going that are “just” for the winter time?



  1. Sheets are a great source of cheap fabric! I use them for quilt backs.

  2. I have never made a rug in my life. Looks like a beautiful thing to me.
    I buy clothes at the Salvation Army thrift store and Goodwill thrift store for the fabric. Lots of times the clothes that are in the stores are not in style, or have a flaw. But I can take it apart. Iron the fabric and them make something NEW from the fabric. I can make a new blouse for the cost of the 'old' fabric. The scraps go into my pile for a scrap quilt. I love to make scrappy quilts.

  3. So excited to find another toothbrushrugger!
    My favorite ones to make are round, they start much easier. I have made them from bluejeans, khaki pants, knit tops and of course my favorite fabric to use: sheets! Old curtains work also work well.

  4. my mil uses sheets in quilting as backing(so i always look for clearanced ones!)


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