Day to Day Adventure: Batch cooking: Do the chicken!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Batch cooking: Do the chicken!

Chicken is my go-to meal for any night when life gets hurried.

So I am always watching for boneless chicken breasts on sale!  Since I am looking at a month of not being able to cook much we are going to be working up some chicken recipes this week.   If we can avoid resorting to take out or pancakes every night that will make several members of our family VERY happy!



Lemon Chicken—paired with rice, noodles, grilled, crockpot—you cannot hurt this recipe!

Teriyaki Chicken

Skillet BBQ Chicken

Turkey & Noodles—putting a turkey breast in the crockpot tomorrow morning.  That should give us 2 batches of soup(at least) from the leftovers.  Not to mention the yummy stock for other soups!

Chopped/shredded chicken—boil a bunch of breasts & process them in the food processor or chopper.  I have an easier time coming up with a meal from a cooked bag of chicken than a frozen block of chicken breasts.  It speeds things up too!  Don’t throw out the broth—freeze it to use in recipes!


My little guys get in on the fun as we work the chicken up.  They label bags & spoon spices in to empty bags.  Steve & I cut up or cook the chicken.  A team effort makes getting a bunch of meals in the  freezer very doable.  Not counting the shopping, we won’t spend more than a couple of hours for around 15-20 meals.  AWESOME time investment! 

Do you have some favorite chicken recipes? 

I would love to add to my plan if you have one to recommend!

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  1. Anonymous7/12/2011

    This sounds like a great plan!



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