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Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Music

Our family LOVES music of all kinds.  On any evening you might find us listening to a wide variety of artists.  Toby Mac, Selah, Revive, Francesca Battistelli, Sanctus Real, Third Day, Need to Breath, and The Apologetics

But on the other hand


You might see Steve dancing with kids to Christmas songs in July.

or. . .

Thank God I am a Country Boy by John Denver

or. . .

Rocky Top by Conway Twitty

or. . .

Johnny Horton singing Johnny Reb

So we have lot of CDs and sometimes it drives me crazy to have them out everywhere.  They get damaged(we do have kids) and then we cannot use them. 

We do rip them & put them on the ipod/mp3 players but I don’t like to put on headphones much. 

It also costs a lot to buy CDs.  We do occasionally get things from I-tunes but not recently.

We’ve been using

It is a free site where you can build play lists of your favorite songs.  I have several different ones that I use depending upon my mood.  Try it out!  I am getting no kick back here—we just enjoy the wide variety of music we can find on this site!  You can click on the image above to go there.

I didn’t forget the blog hop I was going to host regarding Making Plans!  It just hasn’t been possible with recovery.  Still one of my goals. . . maybe next Monday.   Taking it one day at a time.


  1. hmmmmm... some free music sites are full of viruses (ie Limewire) Have you not had any problems like that from GrooveShark? I'm a HUGE music junkie =) So, thanks for the info...

  2. We've not had any problems so far. Its on several of our computers so I think it would have happened if it was going to--used it for about 6 months.

  3. You can also make an image (called an ISO) of a music CD on your computer, then if the original gets scratched, broken, lost, etc. you can just burn another copy. Also works with DVDs.

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  5. Hi! This is Felicia from Skitt A Skatt! Thank you for linking up. I am so glad that you are Following me now! I am happy to Follow you! It can be insane trying to read all the blogs we love. I just go threw once a day for about 10 min. and see if there is anything that catches my eye! I hope you enjoy my blog!

  6. You can also use Pandora radio! You simply put in who you like, and they make a radio station for you with similar artists!

  7. Awesome... I will definitely give it a try!!! Thanks for the info from one music lover to another ;)

  8. Thanks for all the hints on "preserving" my cds! I have heard of pandora but never tried it out--will have to do that!


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