Day to Day Adventure: Big Fish Little Fish

Friday, March 11, 2011

Big Fish Little Fish

My fish tank always needs something. 

Well last week I learned two things. 

First, it doesn’t really take that long to clean it and refill it.  Half an hour tops—so why do I put it off?  I don’t know I just do.

Second, when you have only 1 fish( and he’s rather large and sometimes food deprived) and you add several smaller fish then he might just might think that the new fish are food.  Can you see where this is going? 

We bought 5 neon tetras after telling the pet shop guy(whom we really like!) about our 1 lonely fish.  He thought it would be fine.  Two hours after coming home we were down to 3.  Elizabeth found out what was going on when she looked at the big fish & saw fins sticking out his mouth.  She was NOT impressed!!  By morning our big fish was bigger and not hungry at all.

So this week I learned you shouldn’t deprive your fish of food.  And don’t put little fish in with the big ones.

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