Day to Day Adventure: Friday Favorites & Funnies

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday Favorites & Funnies

This week has been odd.  Nothing in particular but just odd.

An extra guest for a couple of hours.   He was a ninja and really liked the pretty girls here.

We delivered the final fundraising cinnamon rolls!  Yeah!


Although some of them turned out odd too.  Any one see Flibberoloo?  What movie is that from?


I love cinnamon rolls & finally got to eat some of them for my birthday breakfast!  Yumm!  I had some other favorites that day.


Angel food cake, pineapple & a very special gift from Joshua!  He knows what I like!


I also got to spend an hour at the doctors for a sinus infection.  I didn’t feel bad but my ear & teeth hurt.  Very strange.

#1 son came home for said birthday & started running a 103 degree fever. 

He hasn’t left or gotten better yet.  And yes that is a moustache—I claim the boy not the furry lip. 


At my birthday dinner the kids got going like they often do. 

Here are some of the highlights

Discussions on what to do if you don’t have clean laundry—consensus “Dig something out of the dirty”—Augh what have I taught them?  This was brought on by Michael’s statement that he had brought home his laundry to do but forgot to bring any clean clothes.  He was planning to stay all night.  Hence the problem.

Steve was describing some hair challenged person & said “He had baldness all the way to his shoulders”  Interesting.

Megan stated “I like it clean I just don’t like to clean it.”  This was about her room.  It got cleaned today, finally.

How was your week?  As odd as mine? 

I hope not.

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    Happy Friday


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