Day to Day Adventure: Working on the old home place

Monday, June 6, 2011

Working on the old home place

Some weeks are just difficult.  We had one of those last week.

Difficult meetings.

Our  suburban started making a funny chicken noise.  An expensive noise.

We are dealing with a 2 car situation for 3 drivers.

Michael’s schedule wasn’t lining up with our weekend trip out of town.

I had to change my attitude.

We work with wonderful people who love our children.

We OWN 3 vehicles.  No debt.  We have an emergency fund for just this situation.

Michael was in Joplin giving of his time & energy to those who right now have NOTHING.

It helped to spend time with my mother-in-law & father-in-law.  They are so giving, loving & fun to spend time with.

We traveled up to the farm where Suzanne grew up & spent the weekend there.

So here are the highlights of our trip.

First we all worked hard at building a new fence. 

Dig post holes 1Dig post holes 2Dig post holes 3

Elizabeth is an expert post hole digger.



After the little people & grandma & I went inside  the guys kept working & got more done.  There was some definite napping going on after lunch.  Along with soda drinking, snacking & games!


Since we were hot--there had to be a water gun/balloon fight!



And Root Beer floats!  Yum!


This was a trip I wasn’t so excited about.  I am feeling behind, overwhelmed & in need of some quiet work time.  It is hard to get away & relax when you feel that way.  I am so thankful that I went.  My husband & kids had a blast.  It was fun to see them let loose & enjoy being together.  I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.



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  1. How we are taught to appreciate what we have. I've been getting that a lot over the last few months and God is still working on my heart.
    God Bless,
    Faith on Fire


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