Day to Day Adventure: CRAZY weekend of FUN!

Monday, February 27, 2012

CRAZY weekend of FUN!

You might think that my whole life has taken a side road and I don’t do any of the regular stuff of life.  We do have a new normal with my mom living with us for a while.

We do still do normal things.  My kids are still working through their school work(albeit more slowly), the girls go to their Bible study, Joshua entertains us all by telling riddles and we’ve managed to keep up with memorizing for Bible Quizzing.

Its not easy but everyone agrees that it is worth it.  My Top 10 reasons Bible Quizzing is worth it pretty much lays it all out there.

This past weekend my sister & brother cared for my mom while we made a trip up to Cedar Falls, IA to participate in a regional tournament.  We took all 3 teams from Columbia.  That was quite brave for the youngest team as most of them are 11-12 years old.


We were gone 36 hours.  There was 12 hours of driving, 12 hours of quizzing and not much time left  for sleeping. 

Both the girls teams did great!  Megan’s team Amnesia ended up in 19th place out of 38 teams.  The best thing was that as we left one of the boys on the team said “I really love this team.”  They’ve pulled together and supported each other in many ways.


Elizabeth’s team Greek Squad placed 2nd out of all the teams who went to Iowa.  Their goal was stage & while they were there they made a bid for first.  Everyone was super excited that they managed to get 2nd place! 


I was proud of Elizabeth for getting 3 right answers and dealing with a microphone that was WAY too tall.


She has changed and grown from a girl who used to memorize quickly but not accurately to one who knows her material inside and out.  More importantly I am seeing the fruit of that scripture being written on her heart.  So while the trip was crazy—it is always rewarding to go and hang out with my kids while they do something we all love and know is worthwhile.

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  1. Heather S3/09/2012

    Kim, thank you so much for sharing these pictures. More than that, thank you for sharing your heart, time and love with our kids through Bible Quizzing. I'm so grateful!


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