Day to Day Adventure: Quiet Week

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quiet Week

I am having surgery on Tuesday on my hip.   So this week will be full of some different kind of activities.  We won’t be traveling, camping, or any of our “normal” adventures.

Things I will be doing

Learning to navigate with crutches.

Taking naps

Balancing on one leg

Having sore muscles

Reading books aloud with the kids

Watching movies

Eating meals graciously provided by friends, family & my church family

Watching it snow

Things I won’t be doing



Teaching a normal schedule

Putting weight on my left leg

Going to the store

Life is going to be seriously different for a month or so.  But hopefully after that we can have a “normal” for us kind of spring and summer.  I am so looking forward to that!


  1. New follower from Money Saving Monday Hop.
    Good luck with your surgery. Nice to find some Mom bloggers who have older kids, too.
    Thanks & stop by & visit sometime

  2. Thanks Michelle! Loved mine when they were little but they are such a blessing now that they are older!


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